Both kiddos have been napping at the same time today (hallelujah!!). This only happens once in a blue moon. So, I’ve been able to do a lot more research on the paleo diet and take a look at the crossfit workouts, etc. My motive for starting this way of eating is first and foremost, to alleviate my lupus symptoms and second, to take off the baby weight. I didn’t realize the following that this regime has. I mean there are gyms dedicated to the paleo lifestyle. There are 3 in my city but with 2 young children, new house, I’m not prepared to dish out over $100/month to join a crossfit gym. Besides, I can act like a monkey at the playground down the street (at 5am when no one is watching of course!).

For now, I’m going to stick with free weights at home, interval running, and the playground when it gets a bit warmer.

My cold (read: plague) is just about gone. I still have a bit of chest congestion and sinus-y yuckiness but I’m going to try to get back outside running tomorrow morning. Besides, it has been a week and a half since I last ran and I’m supposed to be training for a 5k that happens on May 1st! Yikes that is not that far off.


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