I have to say, is there anything better than bacon? Seriously, is there anything that bacon doesn't make taste better? After being vegan for 7 months, I am so happy that I can eat this everyday and remain healthy. This is so against every nutritional piece of information I grew up with. My mom is coming down for a visit next month and she is going to freak out over what I'm eating! She was so impressed with me going vegan and cheered me on but this may make her lose her mind. Lucky for me, she lives in a different country. I will give her reading materials like De Vany's, Cordain's and Sisson's books but I don't even think those could possibly convince her. Hopefully when she sees how well I'm feeling, she'll relax a bit. How could she argue with results? Trust me, she can!

Now, back to my bacon and eggs!

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