Hiatus over!


I haven't abandoned this blog or this WOE, I've taken a small break if you will. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child and have really struggled with nausea (in the beginning) and common sense/will power (after the beginning). All I could really stomach during the 1st trimester were carbs. Crackers were my best friend and meat (any type) was the bane of my existence and would make me instantly sick upon the sheer thought, blech. So, paleo kind of got pushed to the back burner and remained there until this week. I haven't had any increase of symptoms (my nephritis has actually disappeared) but I am pregnant so it's almost guaranteed that it will be smooth sailing for a while. With my second child, I made it 8 months after delivery before I went into another flare. I'm still taking plaquinil but only half of my regular dose and refused my docs insistence to get on prednisone. No thanks! Pregnancy is hard enough and I've been fine without it. I'm still in the 2nd trimester so if I stay on track (I'll have to fight this gum drop craving I've had since the beginning like it's the plague!), I'm hoping to extend the honeymoon indefinitely.

It's been 3 days and I'm sick with carb flu (trust me, I deserve every bit of it - I had a traditional american xmas dinner/food binge holiday). This is the second day of it and I'm sure I've got another day or two - can't wait to get to the other side! With that said, I've done pretty much nothing over the past two days and with two kids, it's getting a little hairy. The laundry and kitchen require some servicing so I'm off to do that.

Glad to hear that some newbie's came across the site and found it helpful. I think it will be an interesting ride chronicling my thoughts and experiences of the 3rd trimester and postpartum thereafter. I'm currently researching crossfit facilities in my area so after I get the go ahead from my obstetrician, I'll give it try - can't wait!

BTW, it's another girl!!