Doctors may think they are smart but they are clueless

Okay, so I had a Rheumatologist appointment today. I'm am so freaking mad!! I told her I was feeling great and she commented on how great my hands look and that I have full, pain-free range of motion in my arms. I said that since I started a new diet, everything has changed for the better. She asked which diet and I told her "Paleo". She knew exactly what I was talking about and then proceeds to ask if I eliminated all grains or just some. I tell her "all" and she says, "you must have a gluten sensitivity then".

She has never, ever, in the many years of seeing her, ever mentioned anything to me about gluten. She knew I was trying to help myself through diet when I went vegan (pumping myself full of wheat, oats, soy and every other carb known to man - to the tune of probably 85-90% of my diet). But never thought to mention the paleo diet. I asked why she didn't mention it to me and she says that most people just don't change routines. Me, I was killing myself trying to maintain a vegan diet. As a doctor it is absolutely her responsibility to educate and inform. It's my decision if I want to try a particular diet or follow through on any of her medical advice. Makes me want to pull my hair out!! So instead of letting me in on this gluten-free/dietary goldmine, she stood by as I got sicker and prescribed more meds, I got even sicker and still, more meds. I couldn't get out of bed most mornings, I couldn't pick my baby up out of her crib. I'm just furious. Apparently my blood pressure is pretty low (nurse took it 3 times to be sure), 90/65. It's normally about 120/80, when I asked about that she says that a low carb diet tends to reduce general inflammation in the body and blood pressure usually drops a bit and that it's fine. Even that little nugget would have helped me out and possibly put me on a path to low carb.

I just think that if my cousin didn't join a crossfit gym and mention the diet to me in passing on a facebook status, I would still be miserable, in tremendous pain, tremendous stiffness, forcing myself to be vegan because that's the conventional wisdom of what is deemed healthy. So glad I know better now and had the gumption to jump into this WOE wholeheartedly. You truly have to be your own advocate.

Okay, I'm done my rant!!

The good news is that I am starting to titrate down off of the last lupus med I'm on! I'm cutting the dosage in half, so if all goes well, I may be med free in a few months for the first time in 3 1/2 years. I HAVE BEEN ON THIS DIET FOR ONLY 4 AND A HALF WEEKS!! Totally unbelievable! So happy right now.


  1. Happy to find your blog. I just gave the link to a FB friend. Hope she will be inspired. Like I told her, Paleo is the answer I give to everyone who has some kind of ailment. It is my snake oil, per se, but it is also incredibly successful. Shame on your doctor for not mentioning it, especially knowing you were looking for dietary ways to ameliorate this condition. She probably did not really believe it herself. Besides, if all her patients get cure then she's out of a job!!

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