Busy week over

It's been 6 days since I last wrote. It was a busy week with the in-laws visiting, my daughter back to preschool, play dates back in full swing and dance class. I have been feeling pretty good in general. I have been having some inflammation and soreness later in the evenings, closer to the time that I head to bed. I'll take it though, as I'm fine when I wake up.

I've stuck completely to the diet. 4 weeks tomorrow and I haven't cheated once - I haven't really even wanted to except for last night. Luckily my husband talked me out of it. I really wanted some cake, crazy! I'm so glad I didn't, I cannot eat gluten and destroy all the work I've already done. Haven't had any weight loss this week, actually gained 2 I think. I didn't get a lot of time to exercise last week.

I'll report back tomorrow with my measurements and weight.


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