Summer is over

I had an incredibly busy and hectic summer and it's over way too soon! But it always feels this way doesn't it? My oldest just started the 1st grade last week and getting used to an "all day, everyday" schedule it's taking some adjustment (kindergarten was 2 full days and 3 full days every other week). My kids have never slept in so getting up and going in the mornings is not a problem but my daughter has been so exhausted the last few days. She's getting lots of sleep and is eating well so I hope her body will figure out these longer days quickly!

My health over the summer has been good. There was one week a few weeks ago when I wasn't feeling my best, sort of crummy, a little sore. I'm not sure if that was lupus or exercise or due to diet. I haven't been as diligent diet-wise over the summer (nothing crazy, just not what I practice the rest of the year). It's easier to be strict when my kids have an external schedule to maintain because I get a little lazy. I know I have to have the fridge stocked on Sunday in order to feed them in a timely manner the rest of the week. I also started HIIT training and I think I over did it a little which contributed to my overall lethargy. I'm pretty sure I can only really do an all out interval session once per week.

This week I'm beginning a new program that I put together. I'm going to start StrongLifts once again. I kind of let it slide because I started a kettlebell class session which is now over.  So, Mondays - HIIT, Tuesdays - SL, Wednesday - yoga, Thursday - SL, Friday - yoga. And then going for walks and playground activities with the kids whenever. Sounds busy but HIIT is 20 min max. and SL session takes be about 30 minutes.

I also got myself a Fitbit Flex and I'm loving it! It tracks my daily activity, calories burned, food intake, and also my sleep patterns. I'm the type of person who will use something for a few days and get bored and never use it again and I've had this on for months now! It's so useful.

My big goal this school year is to come up with fantastic lunches for my kids. My 3 year old is starting preschool in September (so yay for 5 hours a week with only one kid!! Yes!!) so I'll have 2 lunches to pack 2 days per week. I made these awesome coconut jellies last night for lunches and desserts and the girls love them! Here's what I did, they were so easy. Next time I'm going to add mashed strawberries or raspberries to make them pink. Blended kale would make them green.....anyways, easy peasy. They are full of gelatin which is such a vital protein to strengthen bones, joints, and fingernails. It packed with collagen. Some purport faster recovery post exercise, reduction in joint pain and stiffness and here's the big one ladies....it has been reported to reduce cellulite and fine wrinkles! Mmmmm, gelatin!

Coconut Jellies

7 oz of coconut butter (also called creamed coconut) - I use Artisana or Let's Go Organic
1/2 can of full fat coconut milk -  I use Natural Value for their BPA free cans
6 tbsps of unflavoured gelatin - I use Great Lakes because it's from grassfed cows
2 tbsps of raw honey - get mine local

Put the coconut butter, milk and honey in a saucepan over med/low until it comes together than add the gelatin and stir until the gelatin melts into the mixture. Pour into silicon molds. I have a few that I bought to make chocolates and they are a good size for the perfect bite. Put into the fridge for an hour or more. Pop them out and eat or store. I put them in a ziploc bag in the fridge. Enjoy!



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