Lifting routine Day 1.....again!

So, I started the Stronglifts 12 week program again. I first began it near the beginning of the year but kids, summer, excuses and more excuses got in the way. One of my biggest weaknesses is starting things and never finishing them. I get motivated, have great intentions and then, well, I move onto something else, or nothing else. It's not that I'm lazy, mostly I just get bored and do something else. I probably need some kind of therapy! Take the laundry for instance, I have no problem washing and drying and folding - it's the putting away that seems to rarely happen. With that said, it's a 12 week program, I am not going to say that I'm going to do it this time. For me, 12 weeks is a long time. I'm going to set my first goal at completing 2 weeks. Then, I'll set another when I reach that point.

I'm not going to go into much detail but Stronglifts 5x5 is a program developed by a guy named Mehdi, I think he's from Denmark. I am not compensated at all for any mention of this program. In fact, the entire program, including the iphone app (which is really awesome) are totally free! He just wants people to get stronger. His website is http://stronglifts.com/ if you're interested.

For the sake of posterity:

Day 1

Squats - 5 sets of 5 reps (5x5) @ 55 lbs
Bench press - 5x5 @ 55 lbs
Barbell row - 5x5 @ 75 lbs

I was almost maxed out with the row so we'll see what happens in 4 days. The great thing about the phone app is that it automatically increases the weight increments based on your previous performance. I just have to go to the gym and push the weight. No planning ahead with excel spreadsheets to figure out what I'm supposed to do.

Today I am sore, not crazy sore but it took a little maneuvering to put on my underwear this morning, that kind of sore. Unless, you've been unable to get out of bed because you had so much joint pain, stiffness and swelling, you will never understand how awesome it feels to be sore of your own volition. To be sore because you worked hard and strengthened your body is such a gift compared to begin sore knowing your body is sick. While I'm not running marathons or entering triathlons, I am going to be strengthening my body to the point where I'll be in various stages of soreness so I ordered myself some compression sleeves for my calves/shins. I'll let you know if they truly help with recovery.

Now let's see if my kidsos will lay down and take a nap at the same time....

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