21 day sugar detox - Day 1

I decided to document this latest adventure for two reasons. The first is an accountability thing because I'm a little nervous (but excited) to do this. I need a little pressure to keep me on track. Second, I want to have a written and photographic account of this detox so if others are interested in doing it, they will have a little more knowledge with a first hand account of the process. I'm doing the balancedbites.com 21 day sugar detox.


So, first up, breakfast. I'm feeling pretty crappy with a cold so my wonderful husband made me bacon and eggs this morning. And, with perfect cold-induced mind fog, I forgot to take a picture!! It's a pretty standard meal so I'm sure everyone can visualize it!

3 organic free-range eggs (cooked in a tbsp of grassfed butter)
4 pieces of bacon
12 oz. kombucha
1 glass water
3 1000mg fish oil pills (900mg DHA/EPA)
1 500mg fermented cod liver oil pill
5000IU vitamin D
200mg chelated magnesium
500mg vitamin c (only because I'm sick)

Leftover pot roast
1/3 cup almonds

Lobster with grassfed butter
kale chips
green beans with grassfed butter

green-tipped banana with almond butter for dipping
organic carrots
herbal tea with grassfed gelatin
3 1000mg fish oil pills (900mg DHA/EPA)
1 500mg fermented cod liver oil pill

So as you can see, I had a ton of food and feel very satisfied. After the kids went to bed, I started having a sugar craving as this is typically when I'll have a glass of wine or have some dark chocolate. Tonight however, I had my banana with almond butter which totally did the trick! I didn't really eat a whole lot of veggies today so I'll have to increase that in the next few days. I'm sick with a cold and veggies are usually the last thing I eat unless I have some soup. So that's it!


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