What's in my pantry

Some of my friends and family have been curious about what is in my pantry and what I use to make paleo/primal recipes on a regular basis. Well, here it is:

It may not seem like a whole lot but most of my food is fresh and in the fridge in the form of veggies, fruits, grassfed butter, tallow, nuts, seeds and almond flour. My proteins are generally in the freezer (except for the 6 dozen eggs in the fridge). If people want, maybe I'll do a "what's in my fridge".

So, top shelf - organic coconut chips (bigger than shreds, good for toasting and snacking), shredded unsweetened coconut, brewing kombucha (fermented sweet tea, full of probiotics and everything good), brewing red wine vinegar (just because I can).

2nd shelf - you can't see it but I have organic chicken stock, then organic (and bpa-free) diced tomatoes and tomato sauce, pickled beets (not sweetened), cans of wild caught salmon, sardines, oysters in olive oil, cans of tuna, organic coconut milk (also bpa-free), dry roasted almonds, primal fuel protein powder (a la Mark Sisson's primal nutrition), nori sheets (great for wraps, sandwiches and snacks), teas.

3rd shelf - box of white wine for sauces, various salts (pink, coarse, fine, etc), bragg's apple cider vinegar, other vinegars (red wine, balsamic, etc.), gluten-free noodles (made by my MIL for thanksgiving, they are tapioca flour based and the kids love 'em), stone ground spicy mustard, honey, grassfed gelatin, almond butter, sun butter and various coconut oils (extra virgin, deodorized, etc.)

4th shelf - appliances and flours including arrowroot, tapioca, coconut and ground golden flaxseed meal. 

I also store sweet potatoes and onions in the bins at the bottom of the pantry but aren't shown here.

I also have a ton of goodies in my lazy susan:

My organic dark chocolate (every lady needs a stash!), vanilla (be sure that it is gluten-free, if it doesn't say it, assume that it does), liquid stevia, baking soda, canning salt (for fermenting veggies), tea and then a million spices fill up the rest of it. We recently bought a smoker so we've been experimenting with dry rubs as well.

So that's about it, no cookies, crackers, or boxed processed food of any kind.

I should mention that on the counter we have a cookie jar for kale chips and one for veggie chips (which currently has beet chips in it - sometimes plantain crackers).

Let me know if you have any good suggestions on how I can expand my pantry selection. I'm always up for some variety.



  1. Thanks Robyn! It's like looking behind the great Oz. It's not so scary! ;)

  2. Hi, could you recommend me a fermented sweet tea brand? Thanks!

    1. I can't recommend a ready made kombucha brand off the shelf. I've always brewed it myself. I did purchase a kit to make my first batch. It was an Oregon Kombucha Basic Starter kit. I got it on amazon. The directions and process were easy and it included the tea, sugar and scoby. Now I have a about a dozen baby scobys so I can continue to make a gallon of the drink for the cost of a cup of sugar and an ounce of tea. I've changed up the type of teas and find a jasmine green to be the most delicious. Hope this helps a little. Just be sure to read the label if you buy off the shelf, a lot of brands pack the drinks full of sugar.

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